Business location

With around 77,000 inhabitants, Troisdorf is the biggest city in the Rhein-Sieg district between Cologne and Bonn.

Bouncing into the 21st century

Since the start of the new millennium, three new industrial zones have been created and marketed:

  • Airport Business Park Junkersring
  • Camp Spich Industry Park
  • Troisdorf-Mitte Industry Park

Municipal companies

As municipal companies, TROWISTA and TroPark  effectively look after the marketing and location of new, forward-looking enterprises. They have the advantage of an excellent transport infrastructure in a dynamic economic region.

Trowista is the point of contact for all enquiries regarding industrial real estate. It is appointed to market plots of land on the site of the TroPark industry park.

new housing developments have been built in Troisdorf-Kriegsdorf. enlarge picture

Residential areas

Running in tandem with this, new housing developments have been built in Troisdorf-Bergheim and in Troisdorf-Kriegsdorf, Im Schonsfeld.

Location factors

Troisdorf has an impressive number of "soft" location factors: the city has a network of over 40 children's daycare facilities in its 12 districts. These provide up to 25 hours of childcare free of charge.

The city's 13 primary schools all provide all-day schooling, whilst the secondary schools also offer all-day supervision. Leisure facilities such as the bowling arena, indoor soccer pitch, ice rink, spa and family leisure pool, lake, indoor climbing centre and more make the city a real magnet for visitors in the region.