Land development plans

part of the land debelopment plan in Troisdorf-Spich

Overall plan of projected future urban development

The Federal Building Code obliges municipalities to draw up a land development plan for their whole area. The land development plan is drawn up on the scale of a city plan and shows the main outlines of projected long-term urban development in line with foreseeable requirements. It must be adapted to the objectives of regional and state planning policy as specified in the regional plan for the Cologne district authority, Bonn/Rhein-Sieg section. No statements are made as to precise land parcels. These must be drawn up on the basis of the land development plan, however, if building development plans are being prepared or amended.

Settlement development

Areas of building land are of particular significance for settlement development. A distinction is made here between

  • Residential building land (W)
  • Mixed-used building land (M)
  • Commercial building land (G)
  • Special building land (S)

The land development plan also shows land used for public purposes, public thoroughfares, supply and disposal facilities, areas of greenery, expanses of water, agricultural land and forests.

Preliminary land-use plan

As a preliminary land-use plan, the land development plan gives rise to no direct legal effect vis-à-vis third parties although, in deciding on the plan, the city itself is committed to drawing up building development plans that must not be in conflict with the land development plan. The diagrams may also be of direct legal significance, for example in evaluating external building projects. Bodies responsible for representing public interests are obliged to duly consider the agreed land development plan in their own plans.

Involvement of the regional government

The land development plan must be approved by the higher administrative authority. For the city of Troisdorf, this is the regional government of Cologne. The land development plan must be amended to comply with any deviation from the diagrams. Only in the case of fast-tracked plans to develop built-up areas is it possible to simply amend the land development plan to comply with the stipulations of the building development plan.

Preparation of new land development plan

The current land development plan originally came into effect on 14.10.1973 and has since undergone over 100 amendments. The urban development committee therefore decided on 15.04.2010 to draw up a new land development plan. A procedure was duly introduced to work out projections and planning concepts for the key land-use categories before going on to produce a preliminary draft for a new land development plan. 

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