Building development plans

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Building development plans provide for orderly city planning

Building development plans are drawn up in line with the Federal Building Code and cover mandatory city planning policy in a district. They are therefore enacted as statutes. Individual details relating to the type and extent of building use are specified on the basis of the Federal Land Use Ordinance (Baunutzungsverordnung) for the planning area. In addition to this, the building development plan designates public thoroughfares to provide access to the buildings, private and public open spaces and ecological compensation areas. The number of stipulations is at the discretion of the planners and depends on planning objectives.

Building development plans apply to many built-up areas

Building development plans are not available for the entire urban district, but are drawn up or amended as is seen fit for orderly urban development. Over 800 building development plans regulate the development of land in the urban district. You will find  general plans defining the scope of development at the bottom of this page. Unfortunately, you cannot access the actual development plans online, since new plans are sometimes superimposed on old ones and it is not possible to show the legally applicable boundaries.

Statement of grounds for building development plan

The actual building development plan consists of construction documents in compliance with regulations on notation symbols (Planzeichenverordnung) together with written stipulations. However, every building development plan must include a statement of grounds. The statement of grounds contains essential viewpoints and the reasoning behind planning decisions. The city of Troisdorf uses the statement of grounds to explain the objectives and implications of planning and carries out an environmental audit to demonstrate that environmental concerns have been considered. If the fast-track procedure does away with the requirement for an environmental audit, then environmental concerns are dealt with informally. The statement of grounds is of particular importance in terms of legal protection for citizens. A judicial review of building development plans will use the statement of grounds to assess whether all interests have been duly considered.

Building design guidelines

Additional design stipulations based on building code legislation in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia may be incorporated into the building development plan in the form of local building regulations or waived in the form of a design statute. Stipulations on the shape and gradient of roofs are often incorporated into Troisdorf plans, whilst isolated design statutes cover ongoing requirements for roof and wall colours and the design of roof structures.

Areas with no building development plan

The development of land situated outside the remit of building development plans conforms to §§ 34 and 35 of the Federal Building Code. The "permissibility paragraph 34" decides on building schemes within cohesively developed districts (inlying areas) and determines permissibility based on the immediate environment. § 35 of the Federal Building Code regulates the permissibility of building schemes outside cohesively developed districts (outlying areas), where building is only permitted under specific conditions to prevent urban sprawl.

Statutes to safeguard and implement planning

In order to safeguard planning it is sometimes necessary when drawing up plans to order a development freeze, which is passed by the city council in the form of a 2-year statute and may be extended by a maximum of 2 years. This prevents any building schemes that may conflict with future stipulations of the development plan before the planning procedure has been completed. Development freezes in Troisdorf are numbered consecutively. Before, or at the same time as, a development plan is drawn up, a statute may establish a right of first refusal in areas where urban development schemes are under consideration. Such statutes currently exist for parts of the districts of Troisdorf-Mitte, Spich, Sieglar, Oberlar and Eschmar.

graph of the urban development measure "Am Krausacker" in Troisdorf-Bergheim enlarge picture

If there is specific demand for the development of residential or work premises, it is possible to gain access to new building zones quickly by setting up an urban development area. Evidence of specific demand must be provided. The municipality itself implements the development scheme and buys all the land. The state urban development promotion programme normally provides financial support for the municipalities to implement such schemes. Compulsory purchase is also permitted if necessary. In Troisdorf the "Am Krausacker" development scheme in Troisdorf-Bergheim is close to completion, having taken 10 years.

Blights on the urban landscape are remedied or significantly improved by establishing an urban renewal area.  The state urban development promotion programme has been effectively supporting the municipalities here since the 1970s. Inner-city renewal in Troisdorf has been concluded by the abolition of the 2004 renewal statute. Two new small-scale renewal statutes, one at Burg Wissem to build the Industrial Museum and one at Sieg in Troisdorf-Bergheim to rebuild the Fishing Museum, were drawn up as part of the  Regionale 2010 project (only in German available).

Urban reconstruction schemes are measures taken to modify areas affected by significant losses in urban functions. In order to produce sustainable urban structures and improve the environment within the framework of regional structural development, the Troisdorf Siegaue has been designated an urban reconstruction area for the purposes of implementing the Regionale 2010 "Grünes C" (Green C) project (only in German available).

Information on planning laws

The following summaries show where building development plans have been drawn up for the urban area. You will also find a description of the plan there. The building development plans are ordered by district. The first letter of the plan description identifies the district. Please contact the persons listed below for further information on content and to request plans or excerpts of plans. Building development plans and excerpts of plans are provided free of charge within the scope of information on planning laws if they can be sent by email.

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