Location and directions: Troisdorf is easily accessible

The town of Troisdorf lies on the right bank of the river Rhine between Cologne and Bonn. With more than 77,000 inhabitants, Troisdorf is the biggest municipal city in the Rhein-Sieg district (in the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia).

Troisdorf is located in the north of the Rhine-Sied district

The A59 Autobahn (motorway)

The A59 connects the cities of Cologne and Bonn on the right bank of the Rhine and right in the middle is Troisdorf. Two feeder roads connect the A59 and the A3 (Nuremberg - Frankfurt - Cologne - Düsseldorf - Ruhr Region - Emmerich):

  • In the South: A560 via Autobahn interchange Bonn/Siegburg – Autobahn junction Sankt Augustin-West
  • In the North: Autobahn junction Heumar - Autobahn junction Porz

Lufthansa airplane named Troisdorf (by Deutsche Lufthansa AG) enlarge picture

Konrad Adenauer Airport

Konrad Adenauer Airport (also known as Cologne/Bonn Airport) is partially located in the urban area of Troisdorf and has now become one of Germanys most important commercial and cargo airports. The airport is within minutes of the A59 motorway, but also directly accessible via the RE 8 and S 13 railway lines. Many global companies have headquarters in Troisdorf as it is situated in such an easily accessible location.

ICE from Frankfurt to Cologne passing Troisdorf station enlarge picture

Railway lines in Troisdorf

Regional express line Rhein-Sieg RE 9: Aachen - Cologne - Troisdorf - Siegburg - Siegen - Gießen

Regional express line Rhein-Erft RE 8: Koblenz - Troisdorf – Cologne/Bonn Airport - Cologne - Mönchengladbach

Regional train Rhein-Erft RB 27: Koblenz - Troisdorf - Cologne - Mönchengladbach

S-Bahn trains:

  • S 12: Düren - Cologne - Troisdorf - Siegburg - Au/Sieg
  • S 13: Troisdorf - Cologne-Bonn Airport - Cologne - Frechen - Horrem

The ICE railway station Siegburg/Bonn can be reached within a few minutes via the railway lines RE 9 and S 12 and has connections to mainline services.

You will find timetable information for bus and train (ÖPNV, DB) under Further information.

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