The Wahner Heide

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Nature conservation and recreation

In the built-up area between Cologne and Bonn, around Cologne/Bonn Airport, a landscape of diverse habitats for rare plants and animals has managed to survive against all the odds: Wahner Heide and the adjoining Agger floodplains.

Efforts to protect the area date back to the 19th century. Wahner Heide is a nature conservation area of European importance today. Covering a total area of approximately 50 km², virtually the whole southern section - and, therefore, around 50% of this land - is situated within the Troisdorf urban area.

A nature conservation area that is well worth preserving forever! Help us to preserve it!

Its location means that Wahner Heide serves many people as a local recreation area. There is a core zone, which must not be entered, in order to preserve the existing beauty and diversity of Wahner Heide. A network of paths will guide you through the beauties of the heath. You must stay on the paths at all times so that you do not disturb the habitats of plants and animals.

Military use and pollution by ordnance

Last but not least, Wahner Heide is a nature conservation area today due to nearly 200 years of use by the military and the ensuing restrictions.

The Wahner Heide Ordnance Accident Prevention Decree (Kampfmittel-Unfallverhütungs-Verordnung) stipulates which paths may be used and what code of conduct must be observed on Wahner Heide.

You will find detailed information and advice, outline maps and many photographs of Wahner Heide on our website Wahner Heide - Nature conservation area with a military past.

'Project Königsforst/Wahner Heide' Portal Burg Wissem

As part of Regionale 2010, taking shape at Burg Wissem is one of four portals to Wahner Heide (only in German available) and Königsforst, a new and exciting information service for everyone to delve into, experience and try out:

You will find further informations about Wahner Heide on the German site.

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Amt für Umwelt- und Klimaschutz
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