Swimming trip to Rotter See

This is an ideal outing on a nice and warm summer day. After a bicycle tour you can relax and let the day come to a pleasurable end at Rotter See .

Depending on your wants and needs you can take either the faster route beginning at the castle Burg Wissem  and leading through the town, or the somewhat longer route across the  Wahner Heide . For slightly more ambitious cyclists, this tour can be combined to form a circular trail. The castle Burg Wissem is both the point of departure and arrival.

Please note:

Information boards are set up around the lake providing information as regards the wild birds populating the area around Rotter See. Please take care to remain on the designated paths when crossing the Wahner Heide. The Wahner Heide is a conservation area. Moreover, individual sites continue to be severely contaminated by ammunition.

  •  Aerial view of Rotter See 
  •  Rotter See 
  •  Rotter See surfing 

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Tour 3: Swimming trip to Rotter See
Route 19 km Button city map
Level middle

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