Autobahn in Troisdorf with road signs for speed limit and noise barriers on both sides

Noise action planning

First Noise Action Plan approved

The Noise Action Plan was first drawn up in 2008 and is updated every five years. The concept of noise action planning was introduced in the EC directive on assessing and tackling environmental noise. The intended purpose of planning is to mitigate the harmful effects of noise caused by traffic and industrial activity in every country in the European Union in accordance with standard guidelines. In the Federal Republic of Germany responsibility for this lies with the municipalities, unless individual state policy stipulates otherwise. The municipalities in North-Rhine Westphalia are obliged to draw up a Noise Action Plan within their borders in compliance with the EC directive. Noise action planning is based on noise mapping.

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Noise Action Plan 2008 for the busiest transport routes

The preliminary phase of noise action planning was implemented for the first time in the EU in 2008 and only applied to the busiest roads, railways and airports, as well as urban areas (towns) with over 250,000 inhabitants. All the DB railway lines in the urban area, the impact of Cologne/Bonn Airport and 11 sections of road came under observation in Troisdorf.

The draft Noise Action Plan 2008 for the town of Troisdorf was put on public display in the City Hall from 26.11.2008 to 05.12.2008 for inspection and consultation. An online public consultation process took place at the same time, with authorities and representatives of public interests taking part. In its meeting on 24.03.2009 the council duly considered the comments submitted and approved the Noise Action Plan 2008. The Noise Action Plan was officially submitted to the European Commission for general evaluation by 30.09.2009. The process was thus concluded until the next update in 2013. Objections and suggestions received in the meantime will be collected and duly incorporated into the updating process.

Outlook for Noise Action Plan 2013

Apart from the noise caused by rail and air traffic considered to date, noise action planning in 2013 will be extended to cover a total of 41 sections of road. The updated Noise Action Plan will also be limited to traffic noise, as Troisdorf falls below the threshold of 100,000 inhabitants stipulated by the Environmental Noise Directive for the inclusion of noise arising from industrial activity.

Noise map and Action Plan

You can view the noise map for Troisdorf and the valid Noise Action Plan 2008 on the German site (available in PDF-Format). Available to download, the document "Grundlagen und Ergebnisse der Lärmaktionsplanung in Troisdorf" (Principles and findings of noise action planning in Troisdorf, only German available) summarises the findings and provides a general commentary, supplemented by helpful background knowledge.

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