aerial view of Rotter See

The Rotter See

The Rotter See attracts people in search of local recreational activities from all over the region.

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The quality of the water is regularly monitored throughout the season by the Rhein-Sieg district health office. The Rotter See is ideal for bathing!

Activities around the lake

The Rotter See is a very popular destination for a hike. It offers paths for cycling and walking, a beach where bathers can soak up the sun and splash around, and a barbecue area.

The city of Troisdorf has drawn up a statute to regulate the use of the Rotter See (only in German available) as a local recreational facility.

The city of Troisdorf has also drawn up some user agreements with clubs based at the lake. Becoming a member or buying a day pass gives you the opportunity to do the following sports:

diver entering Rotter See (by greg – Fotolia)


Since 2002, it has been possible for people interested in diving to buy a day pass for the "Dive Buddy" diving club for €5.
Club membership is not essential, but diving is strictly forbidden without a pass!

Dive Buddy, Frankfurter Straße 6, 53840Troisdorf
Telephone: 02241/809403

angler at Rotter See's waterside (by Marem – Fotolia)


A fenced-off area is provided on the large peninsula for members of the Angelsportverein Sieglar (ASV Sieglar) (only in German available). Fishing is strictly reserved for ASV members only!

a surfer


The city of Troisdorf has made the Rotter See available to the Troisdorfer Segelsurfgemeinschaft e.V. (TSSG) (only in German available) since 2003. Only members are allowed to ride the waves!