KennenLernenUmwelt (Get To Know Environment)

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Out-of-school learning resources

Cultural education has many faces: four special places are turned into out-of-school educational workshops as part of the 'KennenLernenUmwelt' (KnowLearnEnvironment) scheme. Taking the form of a nature school, an archaeology workshop, a music, dance and theatre studio and a literature and art workshop, they demonstrate the sheer breadth of educational provision in the region. These services are mainly aimed at primary schools in Lohmar, Overath, Rösrath and Troisdorf.

Four locations

The city of Troisdorf is involved in KennenLernenUmwelt at Burg Wissem, which houses a literature and art workshop whose contents are linked to the Picture Book Museum. The other venues are Naturschule Aggerbogen in Lohmar, Gut Eichthal in Overath and Haus Eulenbroich in Rösrath.

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Varied programme of activities

The activities are carried out in the form of modules, which are summarised in a programme booklet. This programme is distributed to schools every academic year. The teachers can choose from around 40 modules. All the modules are centred around the curriculum. In the case of all-day schools, the modules can be combined with remedial programmes and holiday activities.

Children's non-fiction book on Troisdorf

That's not all: the "Klu & Du" online non-fiction book project provides child-friendly information on the cities of Lohmar, Overath, Rösrath and Troisdorf. Children get to know their homeland in this way!

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employee Ms B. von Berg
roomBurg Wissem
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